Come and hear the inspiring life story of resident, Doreen Spooner who was Fleet Street’s first female photographer and her story told in Camera Girl, published last year.

In the rough and tumble world of a tabloid newspaper, Doreen had to shoot whatever she was asked for and the cast-list in Camera Girl is eclectic moving from black and white shots of London Dockers, to author Harold Robbins on his yacht in the South of France, the survivors of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster to the fashion world of Mary Quant and Biba.   Only Doreen was allowed to photograph Twiggy in bed with the flu.  It was Doreen who caught Neil Kinnock falling down on Brighton beach, an image said to have lost him the election.   It was Doreen who was chased by an outraged Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies after she’d sneaked an illicit photo at the height of the Profumo Affair.  It was Doreen who first heard Prince Phillip’s remark about ‘slitty eyes’ on the royal visit to China.

The stories behind these encounters, as well as how Doreen succeeded in a man’s world and fulfil her ambition as a photographer of distinction, will be revealed in conversation with Alan Clark, co-author of Camera Girl.  It promises to be an entertaining and memorable talk.

Please call Sonia Hamilton-Martin on 07880 504032 to reserve a seat, spaces are limited.

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