Residents and guests of Anchor’s Selkirk House care home in Plymstock found out on Friday the 24 how to be kinder to their hearts. 

Selkirk House had ran a  special event which saw Suzanne Hubble, owner of Energie Fitness for Women,  in Lister Close in Plympton, visit the home during  Love your heart month.

Suzanne give a talk to residents and guests from St Mary and All Saint Church in Plymstock.  

Suzanne’s presentation included  the importance  of a healthy diet, the usefulness of stretching in the morning before getting up, and what type of exercises to do. This was followed by Armchair exercises for senior citizens.  

Suzanne revealed that the healthiest diet for the heart was a Mediterranean one, as studies found that this type of diet had a much lower risk of heart disease.

Suzanne also said: “Many people ate a lot better during the war. Eating plenty of vegetables and having less dark meats in their diet. Ironically although we now enjoy more choice and variety in what we eat, diet has generally worsened. As foods have become more available it is certainly possible to eat more healthily now than then, but not all of us choose to do so.”  

Resident Dot Griffiths said:” It was such a pleasure to have Suzanne here at Selkirk House to enlightening us all on how to keep fit and to eat healthily. I look forward to her next visit to our home sometime in the future.”     

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