Residents at Anchor’s Selkirk House Care Home in Plymouth are reminiscing about holidays in Plymouth during the 1950’s. This comes after news that the BBC’s One Show will be exploring the true essence of a holiday in Plymouth's most popular tourist destinations, free from the hassle of electronic and digital items we depend upon nowadays.

It always seems to happen when the car is packed and you are ready for the holiday you have been waiting for all year. That sinking feeling sets in, the one where you realise that you’ve left your smart phone at home and the sat-nav has stopped working, only to wipe the dust from an A-Z road map you haven’t used in years.

Could this be the start of a more of a relaxed holiday? No more spending time listening to your iPod or sifting through emails on your phone, a holiday should be exactly what it is- time to unwind and relax.

Juliet Eynon, Selkirk House Home Manager said: “I think back in the 1950’s, holidays were more about family time, our residents would say their summers were long and hot and wouldn’t necessarily consider holidays abroad like we do now. I think they probably had happier memories and people weren’t so conscious of the weather. They would appreciate the beauty around them, not finding themselves on a deck chair surrounded by laptops and iphones and other devices. 
Many people didn’t have cars so a holiday would be a train trip with little maps to help you get around- making it a little more special. There’s a lot more media available and we’re much more aware of the rest of the world than 60 years ago.  People from the cities might have gone to the coast then, whereas now we might look online, find the best deal and go abroad.”

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