Residents from Ridgemount care home in Surrey have been setting sail on a virtual cruise, stopping at different countries around the world this summer.

Manager Sue Townsend said the residents and staff alike are really looking forward to immersing themselves in each new destination’s culture.

She said: “We want to create the most real experience possible – learning the language, listening to the native music, cooking the local cuisine, swapping stories about our holidays… There’s a whole world of activities!

“The virtual cruise is part of our on-going programme of exciting activities going on at Ridgemount. Our first trip was to Spain and next we sampled German culture, with food and beer tasting while listening to German music.

Sue continued: “We all enjoy chatting about our holidays and the different places we’ve been. This cruise has brought up some lovely memories of the real travels our residents have been on in the past.”

Find out more about Anchor’s virtual cruise here.

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