Anchor’s Eastlake care home in Godalming had a visit from Hannah-Lea Grist, a South Ranger for Zoolab recently.

Residents from the home had a fantastic time learning about and getting the opportunity to hold the animals, which included two rats called Albi and Sam, Legless the giant African millipede, a Chilean rose tarantula called Elsa, Brian and Bapbapa the giant African land snails, Logan the yellow corn snake and a stick insect called Slim.

Resident Iris Davis said “I felt the afternoon was so enjoyable. My favourite animal was Logan the snake. He was so lovely when he was round my neck and he felt so warm! I also enjoyed stroking the grey rat Albi – his fur was lovely and soft. Before today, I would’ve never have gone near a rat! I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. It was so amazing and different.” 

Resident Jessamine Betteridge said “I thoroughly enjoyed it, I loved the little creatures. They do respond if you are gentle with them and let them do their thing. They don’t peck or annoy you. You should always be gentle with them and let them be free. I just loved the animals, especially the rats, they were all such gentle creatures. The skin of the snake felt cold and smooth but I felt calm when I was holding him, especially when the snake moved very slowly and gently. The experience with all the animals from Zoolab was so interesting to watch and I look forward to seeing them all again. It has been privilege to be able to hold all these animals.”

Manager Linda Grout said “We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon, seeing the smiles on our residents’ faces was a wonderful thing to see.”

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