An extensive gardening project at Anchor's St Christophers House in Morpeth has been given huge thumbs up by Anchor’s legacy funding committee.

The scheme already enjoys beautiful grounds but over the years some areas have become more difficult to maintain. A plan was put together by staff and the tenant gardening club to improve these areas and make them more accessible for all tenants.
Scheme manager David Sinyard said: “Legacy funding is an amount of money that has been bequeathed to Anchor over the years and is used to support projects that will be of significant benefit to tenants, not just in the short term but also over many years.

“Applications have to be carefully planned and the benefits have to be proven before the independent committee scrutinises the application and gives their decision, so we are all highly delighted with this week’s news.”

Tenant Mr Brian gall who is a member of the gardening committee said: “I am over the moon and we are all looking forward to getting on with this project. It will be beautiful when it’s finished and will mean that I will still be able to carry on gardening for a good few years yet and that is very important to me.”

Contractors will shortly commence the heavy clearance work and then the real work will begin.

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