Today we are tremendously excited to announce that we’ve hit 100,000 signatures for Grey Pride!

This is an amazing achievement Grey Priders, thank you and well done!
Since our campaign calling for the Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Older People was launched back in April, we’ve been working towards this all important target and so today every name on our petition should feel very proud!
People all over the country have been out raising awareness of the Grey Pride petition, highlighting the lack of a joined up approach to the way older people are represented in Government.
The past eight months alone have seen the winter fuel allowance slashed, the Dilnot report on the cost of care go largely ignored in Parliament, and a CQC report issued highlighting widespread neglect of the elderly in NHS hospitals.
Yet despite the gravity of these issues, policies which affect older people remain scattered throughout at least five Government departments.
It has not gone unnoticed by the public though, and today our Grey Pride campaign can boost over 100,000 supporters, sector leading older people’s organisations and an array of celebrities all calling for a dedicated minister with the remit to tackle the issues and concerns of our older population.
We have cross-party political backing and active support from the Leader of the Opposition, the Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP – who recently appointed Ms Liz Kendall MP to the newly created role of Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, a major breakthrough.
We can’t thank you enough for your dedication and commitment.

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