Tracey Annette and her brother John Hill decided to enter the Great Manchester 10K race on Saturday (22 May) with their father Arnold Hill, 85, to raise money for older people living in Anchor’s Lightbowne Hall in Lightbowne Road.

The family wanted Arnold to be part of this year’s race so that he could relive the thrill of when he used to run in marathons and fell runs before his stroke in 1992.

Tracey, 51, from Monton, who has pushed her father twice through the course as part of her training, said: “Dad really likes living at Anchor’s Lightbowne Hall and we wanted to give something back. So we hope to raise £200 so that residents can enjoy entertainment evenings as well as day trips.

“This is important for Arnold as running was a large part of his life prior to his stroke in 1992. He had already completed three marathons in that year.

“I’ve done lots of training, swimming four times a week, powerwalking and using the treadmill at the gym. Staff at Lightbowne Hall are taking the residents on a day trip to Blackpool so I’ll be pushing my dad the 5k along the seafront as part of my training.

“John is a roofer so he gets a lot of exercise doing his job which keeps him fit.”

Arnold, who has lived at Lightbowne Hall for a month, said he was also looking forward to taking part in the race.

He said: “I used to run in marathons when I was younger and would run at least 10miles once a week when I was living in Hartshead Pike.

“My most memorable race was my first marathon in Bolton which involved running up a large hill. A lot of the competitors struggled but I was also a fell runner so it wasn’t an issue for me.”

Lightbowne Hall Manager Hannah Jackson said she was proud of Arnold and his children for taking part in the race.

She said: “It was a great challenge and demonstrated to everyone that just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t take part in one of their passions.

“We strive here to enable our residents to live happy and fulfilling lives so we were only too keen to support Arnold, Tracey and John. I’m glad our day trip to Blackpool will be help them with their training.

“I would also like to thank them for raising money for our residents’ amenities fund. It’s much appreciated.”

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