Before moving to Anchor’s St Clements Court in Ramsgate, Maggie Redding’s experience of retirement housing was somewhat less than satisfactory.

As a way of dealing with her difficult neighbours, Maggie put pen to paper. But what started out as a cathartic exercise turned into ‘Almost Paradise’, a humorous book about what retirement has to offer.

Maggie says: “I started writing in earnest after a bad experience in sheltered housing (not Anchor) in an attempt to exorcise the misery caused by a neighbour. But the story changed and became humorous, and I created the housing scheme for over-sixties of my dreams. Of course, it was perfect, but human beings never are so there is plenty of conflict in the story.”

The book follows Tom Daly, 65 as he begins his retirement. It promises to be almost paradise, with wine, women and song, not to mention 'happy cakes' at a funeral. But secrets about his past intrude as does the man with the dog, the woman who wants her cat looked after, and the tall, dark beauty who laughs at him. Throw into the mix young Caroline who 'loves old people', the villagers who hate Londoners, and some stray sheep and Tom's life could be hell.

Maggie started writing when she was 13 and has another book, 'Hold Fast to Dreams' coming out soon.

Maggie added: “I write mostly about older people because I am getting out of touch with the younger generation. I also find this stage of life full of fascinating problems, challenges and insights.

“I have been an Anchor tenant for just a year and thoroughly enjoy my life here. It could be almost paradise, though our manager is much more competent than Caroline (the manager in the book). My neighbours are quiet and friendly so I can carry on writing.”

You can purchase ‘Almost Paradise’ from Amazon now.

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