Anchor’s Dementia Consultant comments on findings in The Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Low Expectations’ report

Anchor’s Victoria Metcalfe has commented on the new ‘Low Expectations’ report released by The Alzheimer’s Society this week which has found that although excellent care does exist, pessimism about life in care homes is leading people to settle for less.

The report found that 69% of people in London would be very or fairly scared about going into a care home and many people have very low expectations of what a care home can offer.

Victoria said: “Anchor welcomes The Alzheimer’s Society’s Report ‘Low Expectations’. As we believe it shows the focus must be on highlighting and promoting best practice so that people no longer have such poor expectations.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, we can invest in educating our staff by a dedicated Dementia Specialist team through a comprehensive set of dementia training and development opportunities to ensure our staff are confident in their understanding of dementia and the effect on the person and their approach.

“Knowing our customers well through the development of individual life stories based on their past present and future hopes and wishes is essential to ensuring our customers have a fulfilling life and well with dementia. 

“Investment in making our buildings understandable for people with dementia through best practice principles, such as the considered use of colour contrast helps to support our customers living with dementia with orientation and finding their way around the home. So for example, hand rails are a different shade from the walls which prevents older people from falling over. 

“Our flagship care home West Hall that opened last year won the Dementia won the Best Interior Dementia Design' category at the National Dementia Care Awards 2012 for such features as personalised memory boxes and textured panels by entrances which help residents with dementia identify their own room.”

For more information about Anchor’s dementia care homes please visit our Dementia care pages.

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