Britain has an ageing population and this demographic change is good news – a mark of our improving living conditions, diet and medical advances. But without radical change we face an old age of increasing polarisation, suffering and loneliness.

It is for this reason we are calling on Government to appoint a Minister for Older People in the Cabinet who can lead the cross-departmental approach, as well as a Commissioner for Older People to champion older people’s needs.

We already have cross-party support for a Minister and with the General Election coming up, we are approaching politicians to highlight the needs for a Commissioner and Minister for Older People.

This manifesto highlights major areas of concern; which can only be addressed properly if the Government appoints a Minister for Older People. At present, issues are spread over different Government departments, with no adequate joined-up working.

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Read more about these major areas of concern and what we believe should happen in response.

  • Institutional ageism in health

    Nowhere does the impact of demographic change play out more vividly than in the health service, where two-thirds of hospital patients are over the retirement age. Find out more.

  • Lack of appropriate retirement housing

    The supply of appropriate housing for older people is woefully inadequate. Find out more.

  • Care in crisis

    Few will deny that social care is in crisis and demographic change means it is liekly to worsen. Find our more.

  • Linking up services

    Short-term thinking worsens the dysfunctional relationship between health, housing and care. Find out more.

  • Mobility and transport

    Older people face a disproportionately high incidence of fatalities or injuries caused by road accidents, falls on pavements or while using public transport. Find out more.

  • Retirement and older workers

    Ageism is rife in the workplace and aspirations for a fulfilling, active retirement while leaving a nest egg for the kids may not tally with reality. Find out more.

  • Public services, technology and the internet

    While the internet offers many opportunities – it is not a panacea. Find out more.