Celebrities with Grey Pride! These famous faces have all signed our petition calling for a dedicated Minister for Older People, and spoken out to help raise awareness of Anchor's campaign.

Supporting celebrities

Esther Rantzen

"We elderly are a crucial sector of society. Crucial because we vote. Crucial because we are growing in numbers. Crucial because we are a resource...Now is the time for us to have a real fighting champion, our own minister."



Angela Rippon

"The collective experience and wisdom of Britain's older generation brings enormous value to our society, and it is high time that people of all ages appreciate the role over-60s can play in our workplaces, communities and families.
I join Anchor in calling on our Government to create a dedicated Minister for Older People to give all people in their Golden Age a champion at the highest level."


Tony Robinson

"I've been a campaigner for the infirm elderly over the past ten years, and have become only too aware of how easy it is for those in authority to marginalise old people and ignore their needs. Today the elderly population is growing as budgets grow tighter. We need a robust voice at ministerial level to ensure that they can spend their last years in dignity, not distress." 


Richard Wilson

"As a fully qualified member of the older generation on and off screen, I fully empathise with Anchor's Grey Pride campaign to appoint a Minister for Older People. It would be a big step in securing the support needed for older people to truly enjoy their twilight years.
It is important that older people have a clear voice at the highest level of Government, especially when they represent such a significant and growing proportion of the population.”


Anita Dobson

"Whether on or off screen, growing old is one of the few certainties in life, so it makes perfect sense that Government should install a dedicated Minister for Older People. Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign is justifiably raising this point at the highest level, furthermore, its success will hopefully ensure that the needs and concerns of older people of the current and future generations are adequately looked after."


Tamzin Outhwaite

“I am happy to support the Grey Pride campaign as it stands to improve the lives of so many people in this country. Hopefully, the appointment of a Minister for Older People will relieve some of the anxieties associated with growing old by making sure older people are being looked after at the very heart of Government. After all, old age is a part of life and should be something people look forward to and celebrate, not fear."


Nick Ross

“The rapid ageing of our population is an unprecedented phenomenon and it is far from clear that policymakers have thought through the enormity of the implications.
I strongly endorse Grey Pride’s appeal that, one way or another Whitehall, Westminster and the devolved administrations simply must make Britain’s ageing a major and consistent political priority."


Jimmy Tarbuck

“Getting old is a part of life, so I fully support the call for a Minister for Older People; we need someone to look after the interests of us more mature folk. An ageing population, combined with cuts to pension pots and concerns over how to fund care for the elderly,means it's more important than ever that older people's needs are being addressed in Parliament by someone who can see the full picture. And remember, getting older is not an exclusive club, we are all members and it comes quicker than you think."


Linda Robson

“It’s time us grumpy old women and our grumpy old men had someone to look after us. We've spent our lives looking after our families now it's our turn."



Pax Baldwin

"It's great to get involved in a very important cause."