I started working in care in 2012 following a show jumping accident. While I was getting back on my feet the support I received made me realise I really wanted a job that enabled me to give something back to other people.

I started working at Orchard Court care home and quickly found that I am very good at connecting with residents, especially those living with dementia. Despite the difficulties and challenges dementia presents, I enjoy working to find common ground and can’t really explain how rewarding it is when you make that link with a person who has previously been unable to interact for a while.

Working as a carer is a job you can feel good about. You are making a big difference to people’s lives and striving to put a smile on someone’s face every day. There are obvious challenges, but they are the part of my job I relish the most.

The care sector offers a lot of career opportunities and diverse roles, there is also great career progression and a wealth of training so you can really make of the job what you choose. If you have the right personality, you can make great connections with people and feel the joy that you are bringing them.

During my time working in care there have been a few particularly special moments that stand out. It was incredible to win Anchor’s Strictly Come Dancing competition in 2013 with Jean Twyman, a resident at Orchard Court that I work closely with. The look on her face when I told her we had won the competition was amazing. Jean has dementia and the dancing really bought her something special. We rehearsed together for weeks in the run up to the competition and she really thrived on this activity. The trophy sits proudly on her mantelpiece in her bedroom and I’m very proud of our dancing success.

I also have a resident called Joyce at Orchard Court who absolutely loves dogs. As I breed dogs this is great common ground, and sometimes when I am not working I bring a couple of my dogs in for her to sit with. Her face lights up with the dogs visit, it amazing that something so small, just spending time with an animal can have such a massively positive impact.

I work in care because…I want to give something back.

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