In the run up to Care Home Open Day, colleagues from different teams across Anchor are sharing their experiences of a career in care. Vanessa Pryor, the Activity Co-ordinator at Anchor’s Ferendune Court care home in Faringdon, tells us why she works in the care sector.

I started working at Anchor four and a half years ago when I wanted a change of career. I knew I enjoyed offering support and advice and had a real passion for working with older people, so care seemed like the right fit for me. Since joining Anchor I haven’t looked back.

As an Activity Co-ordinator I get a great deal of joy from inspiring the residents I work with and seeing them come out of themselves when engrossed in an activity or hobby.

I have seen how meaningful activity can transform people. It can help individuals who are really quiet and withdrawn get the spark back in their lives and help them form connections and friendships with new people.

As part of my role I also get involved in the local community, talking to people who are considering care and giving them the support they need to make the right decision, at the right time for them. Many people don’t have a great deal of first-hand experience of care which can mean they have a lot of questions and don’t know where to go for answers. Helping others understand more about what life is really like in a care home – the sense of community, the array of things to do each day, the choice – is really fulfilling.

What makes this job right for me is that every day is different. There is always something new to challenge me, which I really enjoy. I’ve been involved in a wealth of projects and events including the incredibly successful Anchor Community Band (if you haven’t heard our smash hit charity single you can find out more here!).

Organising singing rehearsals, travelling around the country and recording a charity single has been a real career highlight for me. When people think of a job in care, they probably don’t imagine this type of thing, but it goes to show how diverse this job can be.

Taking part in the Anchor Community Band I had an absolute blast. Everyone involved worked really hard and together we created some brilliant memories and experiences for the residents. One lady involved thanked me after she joined the band and said that before this opportunity she felt she had nothing to live for. Other elements of her life, from family to health, were in a bad place, but the band gave her something important and new to feel part of. Knowing you’ve made such a profound difference to someone is quite moving.
As well as the sense of satisfaction you get from this job, I think care is a really good career. There are lots of opportunities to gain qualifications and undertake training which makes a big difference. At Anchor there is also great progression which means you can really meet your full potential.

I work in care because…it’s challenging and fulfilling.

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