Many people choose to move to a retirement village for the active lifestyle it offers; with the added peace of mind that any help or assistance you might need in the future is close at hand.

People who move to retirement villages aren’t all necessarily retired! Some make the move just to enjoy access to a range of activities, whilst maintaining independence in their own homes but being part of a community of like-minded people if they choose to be.

One retirement village will offer a different level of services and facilities to another, so it’s important to do your research. For example, some villages may simply provide housing and access to a community area, while others may have their own health and leisure amenities, shops, sports facilities or restaurants and bars, as well as the option of at-home care.

The option to build in at-home care, should you ever need it, is one of the many reasons that a retirement village appeals to so many people. It means you could have the security of knowing you will be able to stay in your own home for longer, tailoring the level of care you need, should your circumstances change.

For those already in need of some level of care, retirement villages offer the opportunity to live independently, with a solid care network already in place. Some villages, such as Bishopstoke Park, also feature an integrated care home offering the peace of mind that if your circumstances change, there will be a team of professionals on hand doing all they can to cater for your unique personal requirements.

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