What is #InstaGRAN?

Love them or hate them, when it comes to bringing people together, you can’t argue with the power of selfies. And here at Anchor, we know that at its heart, great care is about friendship and fun.

That’s why we’ve launched #InstaGRAN, a national social media campaign that we hope is going to unite residents and carers, old and young, grandparents and grandchildren.

We’re doing it to raise awareness of just how fantastic a career in care can be. As England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing, we know a thing or two about turning a caring nature into a rewarding career. And selfies are a great way to illustrate the great relationships that exist between the residents and carers at our homes.

To get involved, all you need to do is to take a selfie with an older person in your life (or better yet, get them to take it), then upload it onto InstagramFacebook or Twitter and use the hashtags #InstaGRAN or #InstaGRAMPS @Anchorjobs.

We’ll upload our favourite pictures to Anchor’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for you to enjoy. What’s more, we’ll be giving away a weekly prize of £50 to our favourite selfie of the week and an iPad Mini to the one we like best overall.

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