Mr Peter Dutton, a resident at Tomlinson Court in Whitley Bay, has taken the time to express why he thinks it is important to be a member of a Resident Association Committee:


I would like to take the opportunity, as a member of Tomlinson Court’s Resident Association Committee, to talk to you about why it is important to get involved in these groups.

In my 73 years of life experiences I have found that most conflicts occur because we simple don’t talk or listen to each other enough! The Committee at Tomlinson Court offers residents like me the opportunity to have our say about the day-to-day workings of the community. I readily confess there are often times when I will think “my great ideas are great...” until that small comment from a fellow resident reminds me there are equally clever folks around, often with even better ideas.

Perhaps it matters little when we lived in our own “Castle” but, living in a communal setting such as an Anchor complex, we best get involved and share if we are to influence the lifestyle we have chosen. What better way than to contribute to the decisions which challenge both Anchor staff and ourselves.

Resident Associations and the recently launched Customer Forums are ideal ways to have your say within your community and, when necessary, ask the difficult and important questions. Location Managers and your Committee representatives sit together as equals. We will not always be right, nor will we always agree, but we do share a vested interest in sailing a happy ship.

Being a member of a residents committee is rewarding but also challenging, and often makes me think “I thought I was retired.” On the other hand, there are many very talented residents aboard Anchor’s land- fleet, sporting all manner of skills, from captains of industry to chief cook and bottle washers (I myself served a decade in the M.N. as a marine sea going engineer). We need these people and their skills more than ever to launch Residents Associations across Anchor locations and get our voices heard when it comes to the important decisions that will affect us. So, don’t just roll over! Get involved and a whole new world, with many more opportunities, may present itself to you.

Speak to your location manager about how you can get involved in a Resident Association Committee where you live.

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