Residents at The Beeches, Fortyfoot Road, Leatherhead enjoyed an afternoon delight with High tea with an Irish twist.

Activity Coordinator Lisa Harrell, put together a delightful event as quoted by all the residents that came for tea.

Tea, coffee, smoothies, scones, finger sandwiches and an array of fresh fruit was on offer.This was part of Anchor’s Nutrition and Hydration week.

Lisa said: "As it was St Patrick’s Day I thought I would team High tea with a selection of favourite Irish songs to sing along to as the residents here at The Beeches like a good sing along.

There was a speech about good eating habits and drinking plenty and what’s good for you and what’s not. Then at the end of the afternoon a small quiz took place to see if they took on board all they had learnt".

Bridie Hughes, 92 who has been at The Beeches just over a year said “it was a lovely afternoon, the scones were delicious and the Irish music made me feel like I was back in Ireland. I am looking forward to our St Patricks Party on Wednesday evening.”



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