Resident Gladys Ludlow has celebrated her 100th birthday with relatives and friends at Greenacres care home in Banstead.

When asked to reveal her secret to a long life, her son Michael said: “It is tea and lots of it. She loves her cups of PG Tips – with milk and no sugar. Mum can get through six or seven cups a day!”

Mrs Ludlow who was born in Kennington in south London, worked as a seamstress until she was 60. 

After this she worked as a tea lady until she was 90, only leaving when she broke her hip after a fall. 

Michael continued: “Mum was such a valued employee that staff used to pick her up and drop her off at her home and they gave her a birthday party each year.”

Catering staff at Greenacres helped make her day extra special by baking Gladys  a special birthday cake.

Home Manager Simanti Nandi said: “Gladys is lovely. Even though she looks frail she loves getting involved in activities, particularly singing along and tapping her feet to Cockney songs such as Roll Out The Barrel and Doing The Lambert Walk.”

Happy birthday Gladys!

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