Anchor’s Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft shares her top tips for the over 50s looking for work in The Sun newspaper today.
In the newspaper it is recognised that older people can often find the job market challenging, believing that their age could count against them. Anchor will be creating 1,000 new jobs over the next three years and Jane’s tips for older job seekers highlight the possibilities within the care sector.

Read Jane’s top tips

  1. Keep open minded. There are many opportunities for older workers. The care sector faces a shortfall of 718,000 workers by 2025, so organisations are recruiting employees with the right talents and attitude but who don’t necessarily have previous care  experience.
  2. Build a career. Don’t just look at getting a job, it’s still a good idea to look at building a new career with an organisation that offers opportunities for personal development. Many companies help older people develop new skills through training.
  3. Consider flexible working. Working nine to five, five days a week may not suit everyone. Many jobs, including some in the care sector, offer flexible working to help employees with different lifestyles.
  4. Value your experience. People of different ages bring a range of valuable experiences to the workplace. Older employees can draw on many life skills.
  5. Find a job you’ll enjoy. Take the opportunity to get work you’ll find fulfilling. Jobs that enable you to do well by doing.

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