The Care Act 2014 introduced a number of changes to health and social care provision. The Act came into effect on the 6th April 2015. If you or a relative has care needs, the Care Act and these reforms to the adult social care system, are likely to affect you.

Our guide to The Care Act aims to help you and your loved ones understand the impact this may have on you.

Exploring key topics including what the Care Act is and practical changes to eligibility assessments, this free guide aims to provide you with the information you need to understand how the Care Act will affect you and help you make informed choices.

Download our free full guide to The Care Act 2014: How it affects you (719 KB)

  • What is the Care Act 2014?

    The Care Act 2014 reformed the way the adult social care system works in England including how care is delivered. Find out more.

  • Empowering independence, choice and control

    Central to the Care Act 2014 is the idea of ‘wellbeing’. This starts from the assumption that an individual is best placed to judge their own wellbeing. Find out more.

  • Preventing care and support needs from increasing

    The Care Act 2014 reforms require local authorities to focus on preventing, reducing or delaying care and support needs, rather than simply responding to existing needs. Find out more.

  • Keeping people safe

    The Care Act 2014 also contains a number of safeguarding measures designed to help keep people safe and to ensure adequate information is available for those making decisions about their care. Find out more.

  • Assessments of eligibility for care

    The Care Act 2014 makes an eligible needs assessment for care part of legislation and specifies exactly what it should cover. Find out more.

  • How care is funded

    How care is funded can be confusing and understanding the detail is important to ensuring you don’t face costs you weren’t expecting. Find out more about how care is funded here.