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Anchor’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Advisory Group was set up as a direct result of listening to our customers and aims to tackle concerns that moving into sheltered housing or a care home as an older LGBT person may be a lonely or isolating experience.

The LGBT group is open to all Anchor customers and staff and together the members act as a sounding board on LGBT issues and policies from both perspectives.

Anchor’s LGBT group aims to:

  • Help make Anchor a safe and welcoming environment for all LGBT customers and staff
  • Promote Anchor as a gay-friendly organisation 
  • Provide support and guidance for other customers and staff
  • Act as a sounding board on LGBT issues
  • Benchmark activities and share best practice with other associations


The LGBT group meets 3 times a year in different venues around the country to discuss a range of topics. Meetings are held in LGBT-friendly community venues, rather than Anchor locations to help maintain confidentially, but are open to all Anchor staff and customers.

Meetings can involve the group advising Anchor on policies or helping to write staff guidance notes, responding to issues in the wider LGBT community, and often feature guest speakers. Recent speakers have covered topics including; Living in care as an older LGBT person, Cultural and religious beliefs, and Living with HIV.

Members of the LBGT group work closely with a number of other housing organisations including Stonewall Housing, Tenant Participation Advisory Service and the Chartered Institute of Housing, to help share best practice and have been involved in establishing a national practice network for LGBT issues in housing. In 2013 the group helped Stonewall Housing to produce The North West Housing Guide for the older LGBT community which aims to support the Greater Manchester LGBT community when considering their housing options. 

Keeping in touch

The LGBT group have set up a confidential contact network to allow members to keep in touch and offer support where needed between meetings. Members can choose to receive communications via email or share their phone numbers if preferred. All communications are sent on a closed-register basis, meaning name and contact details for members are never included on mail-outs or emails to other people.

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The LGBT group helps to make Anchor a more informed organisation and as a result we are able to create more inclusive policies that offer better support to our staff and help us ensure all our LGBT customers live happily with us.

New members are always welcome and posters are displayed in local Anchor locations and offices when a meeting is being held nearby.
To find out when the next meeting will be held near you, or for more information about joining Anchor's LGBT group, you can either contact the group directly at or use our online form to contact Anchor's Customer Engagement team.