As England’s largest provider of housing and care for older people, Anchor ensures that dignity, equality and justice are central to the way we work, and that the distinctive, diverse and unique contributions of our employees and customers are valued.

Embracing diversity

At Anchor we will:

  • Work with all groups in an inclusive manner 
  • Try to ensure that our resources and services are accessible and appropriate to each individual or group with which we work 
  • Listen, consult and learn from our actions and experiences 
  • Strive to ensure our workforce reflects the localities in which we work to maximise the potential benefits and opportunities 
  • Create an environment where all employees will be encouraged to develop their full potential 
  • Expect prospective and existing customers, contractors, consultants, employees and partners to respect our vision of diversity while working with us

Diversity is key to Anchor’s success and we strive to embrace it across all of our services. We work with our customers and employees to ensure diversity is part of our everyday language and ways of working.

Read Anchor's Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 here.