The Streetwise project is a series of photographic portraits of the residents of Silk Court care home on display from 17 December to 22 December at Oxford House Gallery in London. 

The project involved Silvy Hibell, activities co-ordinator at Silk Court, and photographer Jonathan Chater taking each resident to a street in London with which they share their name and recording the moment with a 'street portrait'.

The aim of the Streetwise project is to provide a meaningful outing for Silk Court residents. By photographing each resident with his/her street sign, and then exploring the street and its near neighbourhood, the hope was to awaken memories of a childhood spent in the streets, going to school as well as playing games such as hopscotch, marbles or whip and top. 

Silvy Hibell applied to the Anchor Legacy Fund for the means to put Streetwise into action, so it has no costs to the residents. Silk Court is part of Anchor Group, which is England's largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for the over-55s. Silk Court has been awarded with Inspire accreditation for its dementia service and received an outstanding rate on the care it provides in the last CQC report.

To find out more contact Silk Court on 0800 0854152.

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