At Anchor our retirement properties and care homes have a real community feel where people interact with fellow residents/tenants, families and friends, and are supported to continue doing all the things they enjoy.

We understand that the activities people carry out in their free time are often the things that they most look forward to and enjoy. Our hobbies and interests are individual to us, they shape the person we are and help to paint a picture of the way we like to live our lives.

Watch our video of Anchor's Strictly Dancing Final to see an example of a fun and meaningful event enjoyed by our customers each year:


Wellness and activity in our care homes

Our care home colleagues get to know our residents and work with them to organise wellness activity which match individual and group interests, both in the care home as well as in the local community.

We actively support the continuity of resident’s hobbies and work in partnership with the National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) to ensure we offer a holistic range of wellness activity and engagement.

Many of our homes have dedicated rooms or areas where residents can enjoy arts and crafts, reading or music and sensory gardens. Painting classes, fitness sessions, gardening and movie nights are just a few examples of what residents may enjoy in an Anchor care home. 

We actively encourage resident’s friends and family to visit regularly and to take part in the different events and activity being enjoyed by their loved ones.

Being a part of a housing community

Residents (social) committee’s in our housing locations often plan and organise a wide range of activities and events tailored to the interests and life styles of the housing community.

Events can be varied and wide ranging and often enhance links with local communities, such as schools and local health services. Many of our housing locations set up social committees so that they can include everyone in the planning and delivery of events.  The housing location manager will be able to introduce you to the social committee (where available) and provide an overview of the type of activity and events at the location. 

Being part of the local community

We recognise that being a part in your local community is, for many people, a vital part of a fulfilled life. Our care homes and housing locations are very much part of their local community and activities that help our residents maintain important connections with other people and groups in the area are actively encouraged. 

We actively encourage strong relationships with local groups and offer volunteering opportunities to help bring people together and enable our residents to maintain their connections in the wider community .

If you or your organisation are interested in volunteering with Anchor, please visit our Volunteers section to find out more.