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1891 - The Mount advertised for sale

Following the death of Captain Hargreaves in 1891, The Mount estate was advertised for sale. The Morning Post of March 1892 described the house as: “A picturesque residence… three large and lofty reception rooms and conservatory, a suite of three grand entertaining rooms of noble proportions, thirteen bedrooms and dressing rooms, bathroom and offices.” There was “stabling for eleven horses, coach houses, harness and cleaning rooms, two cottages for coachmen, surmounted by a clock tower with carillon chimes playing fourteen tunes. Most productive kitchen gardens with long range of peach and nectarine houses, vineries, stove and greenhouses. A bungalow fishing lodge, with small stabling, farmery and rich, park like pastures, the whole comprising an area of 66 acres, forming an almost unique residential estate.” Clearly, the estate had been extended and the house enlarged since it was bought in 1870 with just 28 acres however as a country estate in Victorian times, The Mount was not particularly large.

Whilst many elite members of Victorian society did the Grand Tour, which usually consisted of visiting countries around the Mediterranean, Captain Hargreaves, a collector of fine art, spent many months each year on his yacht Ianira travelling around the French and Italian Riviera’s. His collection of fine art, statuary, china, mosaics, curios, silver, wines, books, furniture and general effects was so extensive that when the contents sale was held it took the auctioneers eight days to sell all of the items.

By Chris Humby of the Bishopstoke History Society.

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