At Orchard Gardens care home we provide high quality care and support for residents living with dementia by treating them as individuals.

We recognise that each person living with us has certain needs from their environment and personal care. Our dedicated carers spend time getting to understand the holistic needs and desires of each resident and work to provide opportunity and choice that empowers residents to take control of their life decisions. 

What is dementia?

The term “dementia” is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. It is a progressive condition which each person experiences in their own individual way. Symptoms include loss of memory, confusion and problems with speech and understanding.

At Orchard Gardens we recognise that each person is an individual with unique needs, a rich history, different experiences, abilities, preferences and personalities. We recognise the symptoms of the illness and accommodate them in our approach, we look for opportunities to build on the individual’s strengths and find ways to compensate for the losses brought about by dementia to ensure the best quality of life. By responding to the individual and supporting what they can do with a personalised dementia care plan, our approach respects the uniqueness of each person rather than focusing on the diagnosis of dementia.

Life story

At Orchard Gardens our carers are trained in completing detailed care plans with the help of residents, their family, friends and their life story. These plans are used daily and help to maintain the identity and dignity of the person as the dementia progresses, providing important information, such as how they like their cup of tea. 

Life story supports the person in expressing themselves by talking about their lives and experiences. For those providing care and support, it enables them to see the person rather than the symptoms of the illness and to tailor meaningful activities and daily life accordingly.

The right people

We ensure our services reflect best practice and learning in dementia care. All of our carers are trained and supported by our dedicated dementia team to ensure residents feel valued and able to live life to the full. 

Our team are also ever ready to offer support to family and friends by providing access to information and advice about living well with dementia.  

Find out more about our team on the right people page.

Safe and supportive environment

We offer dementia care in a specially adapted environment that has a number of features to help residents enjoy their new home to the full. The design and layout of Orchard Gardens helps residents to familiarise themselves with their new home, while the interiors are designed to create a safe, calming environment for residents when they go about their day-to-day activities. As a result, we aim to maximise a person’s independence and enhance their self-esteem. 

Residents at Orchard Gardens have the opportunity to move around safely in their home. They are supported in this by the use of defined areas and appropriate signage that is clearly worded and pictorially illustrated, enabling residents to orientate themselves. Considered use of colour contrast helps make our buildings understandable to those with impaired memory and high levels of anxiety. 

Orchard Gardens offers both lively living spaces and places for quiet reflection. We also have fireplaces in lounges which reflect a family home environment and large windows which give plenty of natural light. 

Making the most of being outdoors

At Orchard Gardens we understand the importance of access to the outdoors, as it provides the opportunity for exercise, fresh air, relieves tension and anxiety and offers personal space for reflection and privacy. Being outside stimulates the production of vitamin D, helping to maintain healthy muscles and bones. It also offers stimulation in the form of different colours, textures and natural smells and sounds. Spending time outside in a garden has been shown to positively affect a person’s emotions and to improve their sense of well-being. At Orchard Garden’s our communal lounges and dining areas have balconies overlooking the home’s beautiful manicured gardens with outdoor seating, and being nestled in the heart of Bishopstoke Park, residents can also enjoy the extensive village grounds.

Dining at Orchard Gardens

Mealtimes are a great opportunity for social interaction and involvement at Orchard Gardens. 

Our carefully considered menus offer healthy, tasty and nutritious choices every day and cater for any special dietary requirements.

Find out more about how we make the most of mealtimes at Orchard Gardens

Maintaining close bonds

Strong relationships are fundamental to everyone’s happiness and well-being. These relationships can be more difficult for a person with dementia to maintain as memory and communication skills diminish. Maintaining close bonds with families and loved ones is actively encouraged at Orchard Gardens, visitors are most welcome any time and can join residents in activities and for meals. 

Our team are happy to answer questions about dementia any time and can also offer support, information and advice to relatives of our residents.