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Personally tailored care

At West Hall we provide personally tailored care to meet the individual needs of our residents, whatever level of care and support they require.

We appreciate the wide and varied aspects that contribute to our residents’ wellbeing. Our holistic approach to residential care encompasses the physical needs of each resident, as well as their emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. At West Hall we understand that everyone is an individual and has their own ideas. This is why we always work with each resident and their family to assess all their needs and create individual care plans. These care plans are regularly reviewed, to ensure we continue to meet the needs and expectations of our residents.

We understand that moving into a care home is a big decision undertaken for many reasons. Some people may simply feel lonely and isolated and want to move into a community to make new friends and feel safe and secure. Others may be physically frail and no longer able to remain at home for safety reasons. Our focus on personally tailored care enables us to support residents to live a full life, feel truly at home at West Hall and maintain their independence, whatever their needs.

West Hall’s new model of care

At West Hall we have introduced a new way of caring for residents, which is intended to provide the highest quality care and combines our 45 years of care experience with the latest research developments.

Our new care model is based around three core principles for residents: opportunity, choice and wellbeing. We achieve this through our carers who work more like companions to our residents. We pride ourselves on having higher than average staff to resident ratios with each of our carers looking after the same small number of residents and participating in their activities along with daily living requirements.

Our new model of care is intended to break the mould of the traditional care worker, giving carers ownership of the key relationship with their resident. Our carers can take the initiative and get to understand the holistic needs and desires of our residents through conversation and active listening. The ability to facilitate and create independence within personal limitations is vital to ensuring our residents are empowered to take control of their life decisions. For our residents, this means they have the same carers supporting them every day, rather than lots of different members of staff. The philosophy of this model is about individual relationships – those built between residents and their carers. Find out more about our caring team of professionals at West Hall.

Health and well-being

Arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s and Osteoporosis, are all conditions that we may suffer from as we age; at West Hall we know how important it is to care for our residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. This is at the heart of our mission.

To achieve this we have made partnerships with a range of health and social care specialists. West Hall can organise visits from a GP, district nurse, physiotherapist, chiropodist or holistic therapist, as well as arrange visits to the dentist and optician as needed. If you are a professional and would like further information please visit Anchor's professionals section.