At Nelson Lodge we strive to foster strong relationships with local health and social care professionals in the St Neots area so that together we can best support older people living in our local community.

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Helping to speed up hospital discharge 

We understand the challenges health and care professionals face on a daily basis to ensure hospital beds are optimised and that your patients are being given the care and support they need to regain their independence following a hospital stay.

At Nelson Lodge we are ideally placed to help support the transfer from hospital to close care or a care home environment and understand the importance of re-enabling individuals to achieve their independence.

We work closely with all community teams to keep hospital admissions at their lowest and to prevent avoidable re-admission.  

Our broad range of services, from short stay convalescence to long term palliative care, ensures we can help you to avoid delays in hospital discharges and are able to offer the right care, in the right place, at the right time. 

Promoting health and well-being in the community

At Nelson Lodge we also work with community and hospital teams to deliver essential preventative services.

Through our proactive and supportive approach we promote both physical and mental health and wellbeing so that older people in the St Neots area can live full, happy and worry free lives in the company of caring, supportive people.

Our care home promotes relationships between our residents and the community they live in. We work to foster strong relationships with local groups which both bring people into our home, and offer residents with opportunities to go out, meet new people and take part in new experiences in order to tackle isolation and loneliness. 

If you are a local professional and would like to find out more about working with Nelson Lodge to tackle your key challenges, please contact us.