At Anchor we understand that people value keeping their independence regardless of age.

To assist with this we have joined forces with Oysta, a company which specialises in mobile safety and security, to find new ways of promoting independent living through the use of mobile technologies.

Together we can offer you the reassurance that help is on-hand with the touch of a button should you need it, with the Oysta Pearl+ device.

The Oysta Pearl+ is a mobile device with an inbuilt emergency button, fall sensor and GPS location tracking, ensuring you have peace of mind, confidence and freedom, both out and about and in your home.

Support features

  • One touch SOS alarm button connects you straight to your nominated person or the Anchorcall team to help you in an emergency
  • Auto-answer enables your nominated person or the Anchorcall team to initiate a conversation
  • Fall-detector and safety-zone alerts ensure your nominated person or the Anchorcall team can proactively get in touch to ensure all is well or take action if there is a problem
  • Built-in GPS technology and a secure website allows you, a nominated person or the Anchorcall team to view the location and recent movements of the device, helping identify where you are even if you are uncertain
  • 4 speed dial keys can be easily customised to your chosen contacts
  • Receive simple welfare check messages and reminders regularly

Small in size and lightweight, the Oysta Pearl+ is discreet and easy to carry or wear. The device has a roaming SIM Card enabling it to always pick up the strongest signal available wherever you are at a particular point in time and providing a safety net of independence.

Flexibility and choice

The Oysta Pearl+ device is available to members of the public and customers already living with Anchor.

You can choose to either self-monitor alerts from your Oysta Pearl+ with support from just a nominated person, or for extra peace of mind, Anchor’s Anchorcall team can be on hand 24/7.

Our Anchorcall service is an established and trusted UK based response centre, providing assistance 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Monitored by our friendly, well trained staff, Anchorcall will have immediate access to your details and location and offers specialist professional assistance.

Oysta Pearl+ and self-monitoring

 - Initial payment of £149 +VAT if applicable plus a monthly payment of £18.95

Oysta Pearl+ with Anchorcall monitoring

 - Initial payment of £149 +VAT if applicable plus a monthly payment of £22.95

Peace of mind

Margaret Purden, from Pymble, Selby has been using Oysta since March and said: “This device is a Godsend. I was involved in the initial trial as my husband has vascular dementia, and I was keen to see how it could help us. I’m so impressed with it that I’ve now purchased one. It gives me peace of mind when I’m at work. The device is really easy to use and the GPS lets me know where he is at all times.”

Gary Townley added: “My mother who is 84 years old has had two falls over the last 12 months, resulting in breaking her arm and her hip. She now has an understandable fear of falling again. She found the Oysta pendant alarm very reassuring, particularly the recognition of a sudden fall. We would recommend the pendant to anyone in a similar position.”

For information please about how to get an Oysta Pearl+ device, please call our Customer Centre Support Team on 0800 085 4373 or email us.