Anchor Inspires is our innovative model of truly person-centred care for people living with dementia.

Anchor Inspires makes it possible for people living with dementia to continue to do the things they love in a caring and supportive environment. Understanding residents’ backgrounds, interests and personal tastes is an essential first step in the approach we take to enhancing their lives – so that from their very first day living with us, they see it as their home.

Anchor Inspires is an internal accreditation awarded to Anchor care homes that deliver the highest quality and standards of dementia services, where person-centred care is embedded into every element of a resident’s life. This accreditation celebrates best practice and has been developed by our in-house dementia experts based on research from around the world, including research into the use of iPads in care homes conducted with the world-renowned Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester

Find out more about how Anchor Inspires care homes use iPads to support people living with dementia.


In our Anchor Inspires care homes, colleagues are trained to a high standard in awareness of the impact of dementia, providing personal care, and being flexible in anticipating and meeting individual needs. Those colleagues that have gone through this training are called Dementia and Dignity Champions and you will find them in an Anchor Inspires accredited care home.

Anchor Inspires is built around four central pillars. These are Memories; Companionship; Safe Living and Activities:


Drawing on residents’ life experiences are the foundations on which we build our care and support package. We have memory boxes for residents and use photographs in the home to provide opportunities to reminisce.


Our colleagues are dedicated to not just providing individual care, but to forming individual friendships with residents. We call it the ‘key worker’ concept. We ask all colleagues to undertake a one-page profile of their interests so that the carer providing one-to-one support can be matched to a resident with similar interests, to help create a strong connection based on  their shared life histories and experiences.

Safe living

Our homes are comfortable and welcoming and designed to provide easy orientation, yet in a safe environment. Residents’ health and well-being is important and our outdoor spaces are created as an integral part of the home environment. We have a team of highly-skilled and qualified colleagues trained in dementia support.


We dedicate meaningful time to resident activities, stimulating the senses with arts and crafts sessions, through to using interactive technology, such as iPads, to inspire reminiscences with residents.

We also recognise that residents will have lived active lives before they come to us and whether those interests are gardening or cooking, we encourage them to continue doing the things that they love.

These four elements of delivering inspiring dementia care, fit together like pieces of a jigsaw and all focus on ensuring that our care home residents are reassured, safe, engaged and most importantly happy.

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