Young people in Banbury visited The Ridings care home in Banbury to create a mosaic with residents as part of an intergenerational project.

The OYAP Trust have formed a youth action team in the area and working in partnership with Grimsbury Community Centre are helping to break the sterotypes of young people.

The group visited staff and residents at The Ridings on 7 August and together they created a piece of art that will help break down to the barriers of young and old and be hung inside the community centre in Burchester Place.
Amie Johnson of the OYAP Trust, said: “The workshop sessions were a huge success in providing a safe space 
for young people to connect with older generations.

“The project was a fun way for the young people from Grimsbury’s Youth Action Team, set up by OYAP Trust, to go out into their community and work alongside the residents of Ridings Care Home to create a mosaic, representing strength in the community, “ she added.

Over three sessions the young people joined forces with the residents to create a piece of art for their community and the mosaic design was the brainchild of artistGlyn Rowlands.

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