Residents from three Anchor Care Homes in Southwark - Bluegrove House, Rose Court and have been taking part in a new innovative and therapeutic Reminiscence programme, which started in October 2013 and will run until the end of December 2013 is producing some amazing results.

Residents Maud Smith, 96 and Francis Sloan, 71 and many others have worked with Anchor staff, volunteers and gardeners from Wild London to create floral decorations and herb gardens. While doing so they have relaxed by listening to pastoral sounds and have shared some touching and lovely memories.

Building on the roots of its Bee Friendly campaign, Anchor and Wild London have engaged in a fruitful partnership and the residents of Bluegrove House, Rose Court and Waterside are reaping the rewards.

Andrew Rogers, a Regional Business Manager for the Southwark Homes, said he was astounded when he saw the creative results of the residents and volunteers’ hard work.

He said: “It is great to see the staff, volunteers and customers producing some beautiful pieces of work. I was lucky enough to join in a session this week and the smell of the flowers was intoxicating.”

A Carer, Rose Palmer added: “The residents are having a great time, sharing their memories. This is the sort of meaningful activity we promote at Bluegrove House.

Francis Sloan summed up how everyone felt: “I had forgotten how much I enjoyed gardening”

For more details on Potted History project please ring Andrew Rogers on 0207 394 2300 for more information on Anchor Care Homes, contact 0345 140 2020.

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