Residents at West Hall care home are celebrating their own Friendship day this year on Friday 6 June by inviting their friends from the Busy Bees Nursery next door to join them for a day of fun.

The care home and nursery have a great relationship, both the residents and children love spending time together and benefit enormously from the special bond.

West Hall have invited the children to come along to their ‘Song for life’ singing session which will be especially adapted for both age groups. This gives the residents the opportunity to reminisce about their own childhood and their own children and help the children gain more confidence around older people. 

West Hall resident Jon, 82, who really enjoys the singing sessions said: “I really enjoy it when the nursery come along to sing with us.

“You can see how much it lights up the faces of the residents and the children alike.

Vanessa who runs the sessions knows just what songs will work for both groups and we all have a great time.” 

For more information on West Hall Care Home please contact 01932 338000.

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