Business Secretary and Twickenham MP, Vince Cable met with constituents supporting Grey Pride this week and discussed our call on the government.

Mr Cable attended a coffee morning at a retirement housing scheme in Hampton Wick last Wednesday where the residents were quick to draw his attention to our campaign aim of giving older people a voice at the highest level.
The Grey Priders, including centenarian Ruth Clark, explained why the petition to appoint a Minister for Older People is so important to them, focusing on the need to celebrate growing older and the contribution older people make to our society.
As a cabinet minister Mr Cable cannot sign the petition, but he did recognise that older people are fast becoming one of the largest groups in the United Kingdom and said:
“The Government is giving priority to the concerns of older people, which is why we have protected the state pension and are embarking on reforms to help people cope with social care. I’m of pensionable age myself, though a very active pensioner, and believe strongly that people of retirement age who are fit and well should have the opportunity to contribute.”
July has seen a huge uptake in the number of MPs backing the campaign, we have seen support grow up and down the country with Grey Priders making the most of MP’s surgery hours to raise awareness.

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