VETERANS carried out a campaign to create an outdoor space for tenants of a housing scheme to enjoy.

During the summer, tenants at Bridgewood Lodge, Anchor’s Housing location on Margaret Street, Heywood, would sit outside and enjoy the sun, but there was no pleasant garden area to spend time in. The banking next to Bridgewood Lodge was a redundant piece of land strewn with rubbish, overgrown shrubs and tree stumps.

Now, thanks to the hard work of members of Haslingden-based Veterans In Communities (VIC) Keith Edgar and Tony Stubbs, the land has been cleared, tree stumps removed, steps put in to make gardening easier and part of the land has been levelled to create a seating area for residents. All they need now is donations of plants, shrubs and seeds so the ground can be planted up in the spring.

Janet Murray, Scheme Manager at Bridgewood Lodge, said: “Initially we had overgrown trees that were 6-7ft high and we got a gardener to cut them back but it looked appalling.

“I have two residents who are 90 and my youngest is 57. We have a lot of ladies who like to sit out in the summer but have been sitting out on the car park.”

Janet gets the VIC Newsletter because one of her former residents was a veteran and so she knew about the community projects carried out by the charity.

“Keith has been wonderful,” she said. “He has worked outside in all weathers, even when it was pouring down he wouldn’t stop working. It has made such a difference to that area and it is going to be lovely when we have it all planted out. I am now asking round for donations of plants and seeds.”

VIC Outreach Worker Tony Stubbs said: “When we cleared the shrubs there was a lot of rubbish underneath and boulders. We thought the work would take a month but it was completed in a week and a half. It is great that the tenants will now have a nice area to sit out in.”

They even brought the VIC Crew Van in to help drag the tree stumps out of the banking.

VIC helps veterans return, belong and prosper in their communities. For more information on VIC contact 01706 833180.

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