Rose Page, 91, has been praised for providing the local community with 30 years of voluntary work.

Rose, who has lived at Anchor’s Tudor Court in Kent for 22 years, and is the retirement housing estate’s oldest resident, has been a volunteer in the local Biggin Hill community for over 30 years and is still volunteering 4 days a week.

Rose assists older people with shopping, cooks at the local church so that people can come together for meals and visits sick people in the local hospital.

Michelle Smith, Tudor Court Estate Manager said: “Rose is a true inspiration to Anchor and to her local community. She has been recognised for her kindness and has received many awards, including a gold medal in December 2014 from the Bromley Mayor commending her work as a volunteer for the residents of Biggin Hill.

“The community here at Tudor Court are immensely proud to have her as a resident and neighbour and want to say a heartfelt thank you for everything she does.”

Rose said: “I started up the Biggin Hill Community Care Association with a few other people back in 1987 and it grown and grown ever since. I get pleasure out of helping other people; it’s a good thing to do with your time.”

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