In touch with touch screen technology

Anchor has this week launched a new initiative using iPads to help enhance the lives of our care home customers.

The initiative aims to provide access to the tablet devices at all 97 of our care homes across England and is part of our on-going commitment to person-centred activities and meaningful engagement.

Anchor’s Customer Engagement Advisor Zahid Khan, visited West Hall and Elizabeth Court in Surrey this week to show colleagues how Apple iPads can be used to connect with customers – including those living with dementia.

About the initiative Zahid said: “These hand held devices provide access to a wealth of activities and resources enabling us to tailor activity to customer’s own interests and life experiences. For example, one customer had lost the ability to enjoy their previous pastime of piano playing due to severe arthritis. He is now able to use the piano app on the iPad and has even gone on to play at a communal event in his care home.”

Customer Engagement Manager Brenda Metcalfe added; “Using iPads is a great way of helping capture customer’s living stories, keeping customer’s in touch with long distance family members and improving communication with customer’s whose first language is not English.”

The initiative will provide Anchor activity coordinators with access to a huge range of new resources and will be rolled out across 25 of Anchor’s care homes within the next two months.

To follow the experiences of the Anchor colleagues and customers using the iPads, visit our Facebook page.

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