Anchor care homes in Southwark are working with The Stroke Association to raise awareness of the dangers of stroke among the local community.

The Stroke Association are always looking to raise awareness of the dangers of stroke and as part of their on-going quest to save more lives, have launched a partnership with Anchor care homes in the London borough of Southwark offering care home residents and staff, their friends and family free blood pressure checks.

High blood pressure contributes to about 50 per cent of strokes and is the biggest controllable risk factor for the condition.  It affects 16 million people in the UK but as it has no obvious symptoms meaning many people are completely unaware that they have it.

Jo Bown, Anchor’s Community Partnership Manager for London and East said: “Our Anchor care homes in Southwark are pleased and proud to be working in partnership with the Stroke Association to increase understanding about strokes amongst our staff and their loved ones as well as the people who live with us. 

“Thanks to the Stroke Association information sessions held in our homes, everyone has had the chance to ‘Know their Blood Pressure’ as we recognise that strokes can affect any one of us no matter how young or how old. 

“Spotting high blood pressure can be a key to preventing ourselves or someone we care about from suffering a devastating stroke.”

Sessions have been held at Anchor’s Waterside, Bluegrove House and Rose Court care homes as well as Greenhive in Peckham. According to the Stroke Association there are around 13,500 strokes in London every year and over 128,000 people in London are living with the effects of stroke.

Harriet Ingham, a Coordinator from the Stroke Association Southwark said; “High blood pressure has been called the ‘silent killer’ because many people do not realise they have it or how dangerous it can be. Getting your blood pressure tested is simple, there are no needles, we put an inflatable cuff on your arm and it is quick and painless. It is really important to get checked regularly as your blood pressure does change over time, taking control of it can reduce your risk of stroke.

“Someone in the UK has a stroke every three and a half minutes and the Stroke Association is determined to change that. It is so important to understand the risks and what to look out for; it could save your life or the life of someone you love.”

If you would like to discuss possible community partnership opportunities with Anchor, please contact the Community Partnership Managers to find out more about how we could work together.

To find out more about the Stroke Association, please visit

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