Almost 300 nominations were received for this year’s Happy Living Awards which include everything from an Anchor customer knitting teddy bears to send to children in Africa to a talented duet who have transformed an outdoor space into a retreat for everyone to enjoy. This year’s awards programme also includes four giant rescue rabbits up for an award! 

Mario Ambrosi, Head of Policy and Communications said: “There are so many amazing and inspiring individuals who enhance the lives of people in our retirement housing and care homes across England. 

“The Happy Living Awards are a wonderful opportunity to thank the people who live with us (and their pets) for the positive impacts they make daily. Their efforts are a true reflection of the life and close-knit community spirit of Anchor living.”

This year the Green-Fingered Customer was the most popular category (85 nominations), followed by Best Neighbour (72) and Community Champion (39) catergories. 

A customer panel has come together to judge those shortlisted, and winners of the six categories will feature in the February 2017 edition of Anchor Living and on the website. 

Here is a list of this year’s shortlisted customers: 

Best Pet

  • Archie the budgie -  Pembroke Court, Northumberland
  • Archie the English Springer Spaniel - The Grange, Hertfordshire, WD5 0EL
  • Blue the dog - Parkside Court Stockton-On-Tees 
  • Devonshire House Rabbits - Devonshire House, Suffolk
  • Daisy the guinea pig - Acklam Court, North Yorkshire
  • Jacko the cat - Castle Court, Suffolk
  • Billy the Border Terrier - Draycombe Court, Lancashire
  • Felix the cat - Edith Court, Oxfordshire
  • Poppy the terrier - Wadsworth Court, West Yorkshire
  • Poppy the Yorkshire Terrier - Mosely Court, Greater Manchester

Grandparent of the Year 

  • Mrs Dulcie Davies  - Anchor Court, Oxfordshire
  • Ms Susan Bevan - Queen Elizabeth Court, Greater London
  • Mrs Pat Brookes - Bentley Court, West Yorkshire 
  • Mr Jim and Joyce Cowup - Anchor Court, Middlesex
  • Mrs Vera Cleverley - Ivyfield Court, Wiltshire 
  • Mrs Janet Cochrane - Pembroke Court, Northumberland
  • Mrs Audrey Sawyer - Limegrove, Surrey
  • Mrs Jean Wright - Eden Court, Cumbria
  • Mrs June Dannatt - Whittons Mill, Lincolnshire

Best Neighbour 

  • Ms Grace Williamson - Bold Manor, Merseyside
  • Mr Christopher Isbell - St Clements Court, Essex
  • Mrs Susan Lynch - Ashcroft Care Home, Bradford
  • Miss Rachel Blundell - The Chestnuts, Hampshire 
  • Mr Dennis and Ruby Walls - Guardian Court, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs Christine Davies - Castle Court, Suffolk 
  • Mrs Hilary - Laburnum Court, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Mrs Olive Finn - Nelson Close, Tyne and Wear
  • Mr Dan and Carol Walter - Fulwell Court, Buckinghamshire 
  • Mr Jim Carter - Signal Court, Kent

Community Champion 

  • Mrs Kath Findley - Alderwood, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs Liz Knipe - Eden Court, Cumbria 
  • Mr Mark Goodrich - St Clements Court, Hampshire
  • Mrs June Anderson - Shafto Court, Tyne and Wear 
  • Mr Jim McCullough - Nye Close, East Sussex 
  • Mrs Irene White - Ashcroft, Lancashire
  • Mr Keith Marsh - Mill House, North Yorkshire
  • Mr Leslie Cohen - Ingleborough, Middlesex 
  • Mr Derek Wheatman – Saga Court, Tyne and Wear

Green-fingered Customer  

  • Mr Michael Plant - Inglewood Court, Staffordshire
  • Mrs Iris Dean - Tudor Court, Kent 
  • Mr Donald Grant - Beresford Court, Northumberland
  • Ms Brenda Skeet - Alver Quay, Hampshire
  • Mr Brian and Phyllis Gill - Lingford Court, County Durham
  • Mrs Liz Macaulay - Edgwood Court, West Midlands
  • Mrs Cynthia Hudson - Oakwood Park, East Sussex
  • Mr Paul Clement and Tom Howse - St Clements Court, Essex
  • Mr Dennis Faulkner - St Francis Court, Oxfordshire

Creative Champion   

  • Mrs Winifred Simpson - 42 Ashcroft, Lancashire
  • Mrs June Scott - Castlegate Mews, Warwickshire
  • Mrs Ann Flynn - Brackenhall Court, Lancashire
  • Mr Norman Barnfield – Denham Garden Village, Buckinghamshire
  • Mrs Shirley Cass - Oxenford Court, West Yorkshire
  • Mrs May Rimel - Birchlands Care Home, Surrey
  • Mrs Gwenda Culmer - Woodville Grove, Kent
  • Mrs Teresa Warman - Edith Court, Oxfordshire
  • Mr Vic Oliver 0 Hampshire Lakes, Hampshire

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