Residents of Anchor’s Selkirk House care home in Plymstock enjoyed an afternoon of fascinating talks about our garden birds from Mr John Allan of the RSPB on the 24 of January. 

As part of the run up to the Big Garden Bird watch on the weekend of the 28 to the 30 January, residents of Selkirk House were enlighten with pictures, sounds of bird songs and information about our garden birds. In recent years the population of certain birds have drops by 60% it was revealed. The talk was titled: “Where have all the Sparrow gone?”  

Mr Derek Waller a resident of the home for the last nine months said: “The talk was very interesting and insightful. It’s not until things like this are brought to your attention do you really realise the plight of some of our bird in our gardens and in rural areas. I was truly shocked to hear the amount of species of birds that are in decline due to farming methods and insecticides. I am pleased that the RSPB are doing their upmost to protect our birds with the help of many other bird enthusiasts across the country."   

Some residents had spent the week prior to the talk making bird feeders to encourage more birds to the garden. These feeders were placed around the shared garden by residents and staff.  

Home Manager, Michelle Amesbury said: “Connecting with our outdoor space and taking the time to observe birds and wildlife can be extremely beneficial for our residents here at Selkirk, particularly for those that are living with dementia. 

“There is a calming nature to bird watching that can help to lower anxiety, while the colourful sights and distinctive sounds of birds can also provide plenty of sensory stimulation. Bird watching can be a valuable reminiscence activity, with the appearance of certain species and the sounds of bird song can evoke memories which can help residents recall their love of nature. 

“Sitting and watching the birds come and go can quickly become an enjoyable shared interest for residents and can help combat any feelings of isolation, while there are practical tasks such as helping to clean and fill bird feeders which can also be very fulfilling.”

For more information contact the home directly on 0800 0854287.

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