A kind donation has been made to Woodside Animal Trust by the Selkirk House Craft Club, run by volunteers Sue Deards and Irene Whitworth. 

Residents at Selkirk House care home in Plymstock have been making cards to raise funds for Woodside Animal Trust over the Easter period and on Wednesday 19 April the Craft Club were really pleased to be able to present a donation of £50.00 to Myra Dawson from the Trust.

On the day residents from Anchor’s Selkirk House had a visit from Humphrey, a seven year old Golden Retriever, abandoned by his previous owners at the age of one and supported by the Woodside Animal Trust. 

Selkirk House volunteer Myra had worked with Sue in the Civil Service in the past has been working for the Trust for two years. She said: “We often get young dogs coming to us, as the owners find that they don’t remain puppies for long and are unable to look after a growing lively animal with needs. 

“Humphrey who is so adorable was soon adopted by member of staff and now has a loving home with them. Humphrey often visits care homes around Plymouth due to his fondness of people and his gentle loveable nature.” 

Myra added: “I am so thrilled to receive such a kind donation from Selkirk House as it is greatly needed. Thank you to all the residents and to Sue and Irene for all their hard work to raise funds for the Trust.” 

The month of April see’s Anchor care homes highlight the advantages of pets. Activities Coordinator Chris Dawkins said: “Having a pet is a wonderful experience. For those who are elderly and also living with dementia a pet visit has an up lifting effect. While companionship is an obvious benefit, a well-timed pet visit may also help with those with anxiety and depression. It’s not uncommon to watch a person’s mood lift when a pet enters the room, especially if it triggers pleasant memories.” 

For more information about Selkirk House visit the website here.

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