Residents at Anchor’s Selkirk House in Plymouth took part in RSPB Bird Watch, the world’s biggest wildlife survey, over several days in January.

In preparation for the event, the residents painted pictures of their favourite birds, made bird boxes, refreshed their memory of local birds and prepared the home’s iPad with the RSBP bird watching app.  ‘We also had a member of the local RSPB come in to give a talk to our residents on the history of the bird watch weekend’ said Carolyn Kendall, Selkirk House Manager.

Residents took turns to record the birds they spotted in the garden. The final results of the bird watch survey will be sent to RSPB who use them to monitor trends and identify which species of birds are under threat.

The RSPB Bird Watch is one of many activities enjoyed by residents at the home.  Other activities include chairobics, day trips and themed nights which aim to stimulate the residents physically and mentally and are also a great opportunity for residents to socialise with their family and friends.

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