It may be down to that occasional glass of sherry, or perhaps because he only works one day a year, but one in ten (10%) kids think Father Christmas is under the age of 50.

Revealing children’s perceptions of age, our survey asked over 1,450 children aged five to 11 how old they think Santa is. Four per cent of those surveyed guessed that Santa is in his twenties – making the Christmas figure only a little older than pop star Harry Styles, 20.

Youngsters seem to have a better grip of pop culture as when asked the age of the famous One Direction star, the majority (53%) correctly said that he is in his twenties.

Anchor's How old is Santa infographic

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When asked to guess Santa’s age, nearly a third (32%) revealed they believe Saint Nick is over 200 years old. Whilst over half (54%) think that he is at least 100 years old.  

Mario Ambrosi, Head of Corporate Affairs at Anchor said: “Maybe Harry Styles can take some direction from Santa to maintain his global success!”

Of the 1,491 children surveyed, the mean average age given for Santa Claus was 83 years old.

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