The Activity Co-ordinators at Ridgemount care home in Surrey have started up a men’s only club to encourage older gentleman living at the home to make new friends.

The new men’s group get together to play cards or dominoes and have a beer.

Sue Townend, home manager said: “With this initiative we are trying to support our male residents to forge friendships. Our home is very large and the gentleman living here have not historically had as much opportunity to get together.

“Residents have told us they really enjoyed engaging with each other and we hope to expand on this person-centred activity specifically beneficial to the older gentlemen living with us.

“We plan to establish a ‘Men in Sheds’ project here at Ridgemount over the next couple of months which will involve gardening activities that benefit both the local community and our older gentlemen.”

Find out more about Ridgemount care home here.

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