Families in Hampshire are racked with guilt as the pressures of modern family life put a strain on relationships with older relatives. A study by older people’s not-for-profit care provider Anchor,  has found that 46 per cent of people in Hampshire feel guilty about not being able to give enough time to an older relative and almost six in ten (59%) would like to visit their relatives more if they could.

Reviewing the impact of contemporary lifestyles on family relationships, the survey of 880 adults in the South shows that one in two people in Hampshire say they ‘could do more’ to visit elderly relatives and blame work (35%), personal commitments (33%) and doing their own household chores (21%) for the limited time they spend with their extended family.

Anchor, which is building Bishopstoke Park Retirement Village in Eastleigh, also found that the main reason cited for not visiting older relatives by people living in Hampshire, is that they live too far away (55%), whilst over one in ten (13%) say not being able to keep the kids busy and interested during their visit is a key factor.  Building in more family activities would be the biggest appeal for visiting more (23%), while a fifth would be more likely to pop-in if their family member had more space (20%). 

Anchor’s Regional Operations Director for the South, Barry Yarnley, said: “We know it’s really hard for people who are working, have children and are also responsible for caring for or supporting their older relatives. Our research shows that having such busy lifestyles and work schedules does impact the quality time people spend with their older relatives and one in five (19%) say they would be able to visit their older relatives more if they lived in a nicer, family friendly location. This is why we provide communal areas and host various activities at our care homes and retirement villages, which are inclusive of the whole family and can be enjoyed by every generation.

“At Bishopstoke Park, our newest retirement village in Hampshire, we will offer residents a range of family based activities, as well as services such as a Bistro, delicatessen, gym and swimming pool, that can be shared with residents.”

Bishopstoke Park is due to open in the Autumn 2014. The village will have 121 prestigious independent living apartments, 34 village centre apartments and 19 assisted living apartments giving the over 65’s the opportunity to live independently and receive care by highly trained professionals should they need it.  There will also be a 48 room care home on the site.  

The survey findings showed that a third of people visit their mum once a week, with people in Hampshire topping this list (35%), whilst one in five people in Surrey (22%) have left it over six months before visiting their mum.  People visit their elderly fathers less than their mothers on the whole, overall one in four visits once a week (25%).

When it comes to visiting older relatives, trips are usually planned just a few days in advance (34%). Those in Kent are most likely to leave it short notice (42%) and as such are also most likely to describe their visits as ‘always last minute’ (14%). Those in Surrey are the most planned – one in five will always plan visits at least a month in advance (20%). People living in Hampshire also prefer to plan, almost one in five prefer to organise a visit a week in advance (18%) or a fortnight in advance (16%).  A third of people in Sussex (33%) plan a visit a few days in advance, but are the least likely to never see any of their older relatives (5%).  

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