Anchor care staff are attending special training days with ReVitalyz this autumn and learning new ways to encourage regular physical movement that helps people maintain their mobility.

The workshops, held by ReVitalyz at West Hall care home in Surrey as well as in London, give participants a deep understanding of how Seated Physical Activities (SPA) can improve wellbeing and why maintaining mobility is essential to helping older people prolong their independence.

At the sessions Anchor staff learn a range of practical activities, cover the health and safety aspects of delivering these activities and explore a range of motivational techniques to encourage participation.

Asa Johnson, Anchor’s Customer Engagement Advisor said: “The ReVitalyz Seated Physical Activity training sessions have been very well received by our staff, with many going back to their care homes and introducing new activities to their weekly program.

“This training provides Anchor staff with more of an understanding about planning and running physical activities, which will be of great benefit to our care home residents, as these activities promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

“There is also a strong link between staying active in older age and a reduction in falls, which is why it is so important for our staff to receive this training.”

Anda Ho, Activity Co-ordinator at Abbeywood care home said: “I found the ReVitalyz training extremely useful. The topics that were covered were both practical and realistic. I will definitely be using what I learnt and plan to run new weekly activities for the residents, such as movement to music, with the carers and team leader that attended the course with me.”

Jodie Beazley Activity Co-ordinator at Dawson Lodge care home said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and have taken lots of tips back with me to Dawson Lodge. The training was very helpful and we are grateful that we were able to attend.”

At Anchor we know the line-up of meaningful activities that take place in our care homes really make a big difference to our residents. Each Anchor care home has a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator who arranges a variety of opportunities for our customers to enjoy a stimulating range of events and daily activities.

Find out more about Anchor’s approach to activities here.

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