Eastlake care home on Nighigdale Road welcomed the mayor of Waverley into their home. Councillor Liz Wheatley attended the care home to support the council’s work as a Dementia Friendly Champion.

Cllr Wheatley circulated MP3 players to residents, which included personalise playlists, as well as dementia diaries – illustrated books that have been distributed to Surrey Schools to promote a better understanding of the condition among young people.

“Families and friends of care home residents can enjoy personalised playlists by using the MP3 players,” said the mayor.

“Young and old people can share musical experiences and it’s a great way of evoking memories and has a great ability to span generations.

“I had a lovely morning at Eastlake getting to know the residents, enjoying their playlists, meeting the staff and being part of Waverley’s efforts as a Dementia Friendly Champion.”

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