Margot James MP is supporting our application for a motion calling for a dedicated Minister for Older People to be appointed.

On her blog today, the MP for Stourbridge says: “It is essential that older people are represented across Government, a Minister for Older People would really help to make sure that the voice of older people is heard on every aspect of policy that is relevant to their needs. The motion is not just about social care, but also about older workers and what they contribute to the economy and society in general, so I am pleased to support its presentation to the Backbench Business Committee.”
The motion, which argues that that appointing a Minister for Older People will give political voice to the older generation and oversee the coordination of services which affect them, will be presented to Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee today. The Committee with then consider whether to put it forward for debate in the chamber.
MPs supporting the motion also believe that a new minister could tackle the social and economic challenges of demographic change and that the Government must take account of the UK’s ageing population in polices across all departments.

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