In a first for Anchor, this week’s Customer Council meeting was filmed and shared online.

So, those who want to see how customers influence decision-making at Anchor can watch all the action first hand here: 

Customer Engagement Manager Brenda Metcalfe said: “As part of our Involving You strategy it’s important everyone gets the chance to see how customers influence the service Anchor provides. 

“Just because someone isn’t part of the council doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel involved. It’s great that both customers and colleagues will now be able to see the broad range of topics discussed at these meetings.”

The group also made their first recommendation. After a lively discussion about the generic term ‘customer’ (which is generally used to address everyone living at an Anchor location) it was agreed that there isn’t one generic term that would please everyone. 

They suggested Anchor should refer to people by their name where possible, as leaseholders/freeholders, tenants, residents etc. where we're not addressing a named individual, and as customers when we have to refer to the full range of people receiving our services. 

And, where people express a preference locally, we'll endeavour to follow their preference. So, if customers want to be called residents that’s what the local manager will use.

The meeting also made great use of technology with Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft joining by video link.

And for those who prefer more traditional methods of communication, and choose not to or can’t watch the videos, a written summary of the meeting will be sent to all customers.

You can watch the videos and find out more about the Customer Council here.

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